The auth(z) platform for APIs

Onboard, authenticate, and control access to your API with Akara. We make it easy for you to securely create, distribute, and manage API keys and secrets and control their use across your services.

Building blocks for API auth(z)

Akara is a developer-first authentication and authorization platform for APIs.
We provide all the components you need to get started granting and managing access to your API.

API Auth

Easily add key-based authentication to your API in just a few minutes.

Access Control

Define role-based (RBAC) or attributed-based (ABAC) access for your API’s end-users.


Out-of-the-box solutions to developer onboarding and self-serve access.

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard for monitoring and managing keys, roles, and policies.

Logging and Audit

Built-in logging of every API call. Produce an audit trail with the click of a button.

Super Secure Storage

Centralized and encrypted key storage and management.

Built for developers

Easy-to-use APIs and SDKs that consider both developer and user experience for simple, yet robust API auth(z)

We put together the right infrastructure and expose it via simple yet robust abstractions, so your team doesn’t have to stitch together point solutions or spend months integrating auth and access control.

Our client-side SDKs offer flexible templates that can be completely customized to match your brand. Create seamless developer onboarding and authentication experiences in minutes.

Don’t get held up in development by hosted solutions. Akara provides a development harness that allows you to unit test your auth(z) and have visibility into successes and failures so that nothing catches you by surprise.

Frictionless admin

Manage all aspects of Akara with an intuitive web dashboard

Access a command center that provides the ability to create, import, and manage keys and define policies and scopes. Easily perform key actions like revoking a key or enabling automatic key rotation.

Akara automatically logs all API requests and key management actions, so you have insight into who’s accessing every aspect of your API. Detailed logs help you manage risk, meet compliance requirements, and conduct audits. For power users, stream log data to external services like Elasticsearch and Prometheus.

Fully managed solution

Key and secret management, storage, and encryption made easy

Akara is a fully managed API authentication service. We take care of KMS, encryption, and secret and token generation. We also make sure credentials are highly available, encrypted at rest and in transit, and redundantly stored, so you can secure, store and tightly control access with simplicity and scale.

Grow with Akara

We've designed Akara to scale alongside you.
Every piece of our product has been built to reduce overhead and liberate innovation.
Our mission is to help developers, teams, and businesses of all sizes secure their APIs with best-in-class auth(z).


We take care of making sure your APIs auth(z) is always available, through failover logic across multiple regions and vendors.


We use the highest industry standards to protect you and your user’s privacy.


Only pay for what you use. There’s no commitment, no hidden costs, and no upfront charges. 

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